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French born and residing in the sensual heat of Morocco with her Spanish parents, Janine Dray is a woman of splendor and softness. With her brush she creates the richly decorated oasis, the fine textures of sand and the purity of walls bleached by the sun.


After living most of her formative and early adult years in France as well as in the Mediterranean, Janine came to New York and brought with her the exquisite glamour of her origins.


In 1995, Janine Dray opened her boutique on Madison Avenue.  Distinguished clients among many celebrities fell in love with her creations.


Her talent knows no boundaries and ranges from leather to snake, crocodile, ostrich, stingray. Her exquisite embroideries are perfect replicas of her own original paintings.  Her accessories are whimsical yet classic at the same time.


Whether Janine Dray is designing a handbag, a jacket, an accessory, an armchair, or room within your home your expectations will be exceeded.


Passion, Challenge, Minimalism, Exuberance …  are words that Ms. Dray brings to life.  

*Susan Avery of the NEW YORK TIMES  stated, " As a writer of special advertorial sections for the New York Times, I consider you a premier expert of women's fashion.


As your fingers are kept on the pulse of haute couture, your discussion is always peppered with significant facts and wonderful anecdotes. 


" Your personality is a pleasure to be around and the quality of you r work is superb,



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